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Futurity Partnerships

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Site last updated on 07/10/2022

We want to extend the testing program to include more participation in futurity races. To help maximize the number of futurities in which we participate, we will be offering a limited number of partnerships for the Futurity Season.

Partnership Terms  - Details of the terms of a Futurity Partnership. We are flexible if other arrangements are preferred, but this is our usual arrangement.

Futurity Pairs - We have setup approximately 22 pairs of our very best birds for entry into the various futurities. Pedigrees of the pairs we have setup are shown at this link in a PDF file. Partners will know the pedigrees of their partnership birds, but this information will  not be made available to the general public until after the conclusion of the futurity season.

Futurities - Links to the Futurities we either plan to enter or are under consideration.


[Futurity Partnerships]

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