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Site last updated on 07/10/2022

These are the Futurities we are either going to enter or are considering. The order in which Partnerships are set up, determine the order of picks for both the Futurities and the available birds. In other words, if three partnerships are formed for the World Ace Challenge, the first partnership formed will have the first choice of which birds to enter.

Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race (South Africa)  - A multi race series with an overall average speed winner. The final race is usually very challenging. Expensive, but a large purse for the winners.Entries come from around the world.

America’s International Challenge - a 5 race series (150 - 200 - 250 - 300 - 350 miles) flown out of South Calolina and organized by Frank Esposite and Danny Hutchins. This is the first year, but it looks like it is well designed and organized.

Sierra Ranch Classic  - A very well run four race series where the birds are given outstanding care. The fourth and final race is 350 miles over the Sierras and usually requires a pretty good effort from the winning birds.

World Ace Challenge  - A four race series with an overall average speed winner flown out of Texas.. Entries come from around the world.

Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge - A seven race series from 100 to 316 miles flown out of Utah into Idaho and Montana. A very challenging course, but a well run futurity where the birds get excellent care.

American Grand National - A four race series from 145 to 330 miles. Birds receive excellent care and are well trained.

Winners Cup USA - A four race series 150 to 300 mils with an optional 400 miles race. I have not enteered this one yet, but I hear it is well run.

Showtime One Loft Race - A four race series from 166 to 348 miles flown across the Sierras. Birds are raced as yearlings.

Snowbird - One of the grand daddies of the sport. A three race series from 200 to 300 miles.

We are open to others so if you have a favorite, let us know.


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