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Site last updated on 07/10/2022

  1. Anything produced by Jim Jenner ( ). This is an unbelievable collection of both pigeon racing history, lore and “how to”. Currently there are over 23 hours of content if you were to buy them all. It all started with the masterful “Marathon in the Sky” which is currently available in the collections “Share the Blue Sky” and “World of Pigeons”. More recently Jim has added a wonderful series called “Secrets of the Champions”. Of course, no one will agree with everything on the “how to” videos, but they represent a thorough and thoughtful collection of ideas from some of the most successful fanciers in the sport. I highly recommend that you get some of them, view them several times and reflect on what they present. As for the price - I think it is quite fair given their quality and the effort that went into making them.
  2. Videos on Young Bird systems. There are quite a few out there. It all started with a VHS tape produced by John Sampson called “The Light and Dark of Young Bird Racing”. Continental Breeding Station produced some good ones on the topic a few years later as did Mike Ganus and Alex Bieche. There are several systems to chose from, but if you want to fly young birds competitively, you need to do more than just fly to the perch. The systems can seem a little complicated when you are first researching them and I think these videos help you understand what the systems are doing and why they work.
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