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Site last updated on 06/01/2024

The book is available in three editions:

  • eBook ($50 US Dollars),
  • Paperback ($75 US Dollars plus shipping and potentially sales tax and duty) and
  • Hardback ($95 US Dollars plus shipping and potentially sales tax and duty )

PLEASE, read this entire page carefully before ordering. I don't want you to get the wrong edition or to pay too much in shipping!!! Email me or call me if you have any questions on ordering.

eBooks are great - there is no sales tax, duty or shipping charges on eBooks. You can also do searches which is extremely useful when you want to go back and find a particular paragraph or section. You can even add your own notes and comments to the eBook. I have come to really like reading books in eBook format.

For printed books (paperback and hardback):

  • there is California sales tax if the book is shipped to a California address. There may be sales tax when shipped to other states (depends on the state)
  • there may be duty charges if the book is shipped outside of the US (depends on the country and their customs rules)
  • shipping charges within the US are very reasonable for books but when I ship outside of the US the shipping costs are very expensive and can take up to seven weeks for delivery. For this reason, international orders should be ordered from a different web site (links are below) that provides much better shipping rates and delivery usually within about two to three weeks. Orders shipped within the US are taking about a week.

Important details about the eBook:

  • The eBook is in the form of a pdf file.
  • Most people have pdf readers on their computers, tablets and/or phones. For those who don't, FoxIt PDF Reader is an excellent one that is free that works on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux. It is available from . Any pdf reader should work.
  • The file is bookmarked for the various sections, chapters and concepts for easy navigation. The file can be searched for words or phrases.
  • Readers CAN NOT copy, cut or paste within the eBook, however they CAN print out the book (or portions thereof).
  • Readers also CAN create, edit and store reader notes anywhere in the eBook.
  • Readers CAN adjust the page and print size through settings in their pdf reader software.
  • The file is encrypted and requires a password to open. Every licensee is given a unique password and their name or email address is stamped on the footer of every page of the eBook.
  • The physical file (Genetics of Racing First Edition.pdf) can be copied (no password required) and I grant each legitimate licensee permission to place up to five (5) copies on their personal electronic devices (i.e. home computer, laptop, phone, backup flash drive, etc).
  • When an eBook is ordered, it is not an automated process and so you will not receive the eBook within minutes of your payment. You should receive two emails from me within 24 hours. One will be an acknowledgment of your payment along with your password. The second email will contain an attachment which is the eBook.
  • Email systems do not always work as intended. This is very important: Once you receive the eBook, PLEASE send me a quick email to confirm that you have received it. This is the only way that I will know you received it.
  • It is a good idea to include your phone number when placing an order. This way I can call you if we have problems with email.
  • If you have any problems, please email or call me. It is not an inconvenience to me and I am more than happy to help. If you have not received your eBook or heard back from me within 24 hours of making your payment, please contact me.
  • Sometimes emails get lost or sent to spam folders. Check your trash, junk and spam folders if you suspect an email is late or missing. Again, don't hesitate to contact me if you have problems.
  • The eBook will be an email attachment. Since it is an encrypted file, some anti-virus software may alert you to the fact that the file could not be scanned and to not open it unless you are sure it is safe. I have anti-virus software that monitors my computer files. As long as you are receiving the email from me, it should be OK for you to open the eBook file

How to order

  • For international orders of the paperback edition, click here.
  • Click here for international orders of the hardback edition.
  • Click the appropriate “Add to Cart” button below for all eBook orders and all U.S. orders of the paperback and hardback editions.



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