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Site last updated on 07/10/2022

Here are a couple of good links to sites which have some excellent examples of lofts for beginners to the sport. Some of these may be nicer than you may want to build. Don’t worry, your loft doesn’t have to be a palace. Make sure though that whatever you start with is dry, draft free and well ventilated.

    Doc Brown’s Starter Loft

    Plans for a starter loft with additional examples at the bottom of the page (Written by Red Rose Loft)

    Kristoffer Manalokon’s small backyard loft

    Ron Sampford’s world famous “tiny loft”. This article by Alan Wheeldon describes an amazing flyer whose entire pigeon operation consists of an 8 foot by 5 foot loft. While this is probably smaller than you will want, it is a great example that you don’t have to be big to be good. It also serves as a good role model while you are “growing” in the sport. Remember you have a lot to learn and you don’t need to be in any hurry. Take your time, do it right and enjoy your new hobby.


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