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Site last updated on 07/10/2022

T he art and science of the pigeon sport really isn’t as complicated as many of us try to make it. It may actually be as simple as just a few principles. Here are my favorite all time quotes that I have seen over the past twenty some years. You will notice that there are only a few. Read them well, come to understand them and don’t let them slip too far from your everyday pigeon thoughts. I am pretty sure they will do more good for you than just about any other single “secret” out there.

  1. Remember this, there is only one thing that is important - good pigeons, nothing else.” - Louis Van Loon in response to the question “What methods do you use to get those kind of results?”
  2. . . . birds can become ill. The same like people. But do we take drugs when we are not sick? Why give them to healthy pigeons then?” - Ad Schaerlackens in his article “Stuart”. ( )
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