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Site last updated on 07/10/2022

We are very pleased to be able to offer much of what is on this site free to the public and especially to the sport of pigeon racing. For those who have the need, we also offer professional genetic consulting services. We have been doing this since the early eighties and take great pleasure in helping others to move their herds and flocks to the very front of their respective industries.

We offer these services both remotely (through phone, email and internet) as well as on site.

On Line Services  - Email & phone consultations, pedigree analysis & services, remote breeding & testing  program management as well as full access to our own operations manuals, unpublished notes/journals/articles and our software programs.

On Site Services - We also offer on site consultations and herd/flock management services that include custom designed breeding and testing programs along with the supporting computer services. All on site services are  completely customized for each individual client so that they meet their precise needs. Site visits can range from as frequently as weekly to as infrequent as annually. Prices will vary according to location and frequency.

[Professional Services]

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