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Our Guarantee

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Site last updated on 07/10/2022

Our birds are guaranteed to please. Period. If you are not happy, then neither are we. There is no particular time limit. All we ask is that you be fair.

I once had three Silver Martin rabbits for sale. They were all bucks and they were all very good. All three were the same price and they were sold one at a time over the course of two weeks. Each buyer got his pick of the remaining rabbits. They were three of the finest Silver Martins in the country at the time. Several months later I was the judge at the county fair and all three bucks were in the same class. The bucks placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a class of three. After the judging, the owner of 3rd place was really hot. He was mad that I had sold him a last place rabbit. The fact was that he probably owned one of the top ten Silver Martins in the country, it just was a close third on that particular day against it's two brothers.

This is a good example of how our guarantee works. I very politely offered to buy the rabbit back (he decided to keep it), but that was the last rabbit I ever offered to sell to that individual. He had absolutely no understanding of what he was doing and there was no way our rabbits would ever satisfy him.

There is no way that every bird we raise will be a winner or even that it will breed winners. We have spent an enormous amount of money and time assembling our gene pool. We have great hopes for every pairing and every bird that we sell or send to a race. The fact remains though that this is a sport of numbers and even among the very best pairs of the world, most are not winners.

Unfortunately, there is one more story I have to tell. We once had someone call to tell us the boar that they had purchased was sterile. We told him to take the boar to the stock yards (the place where culls are sent) and come get a new one. While he was in route, we tried to look up the transaction to see what boar he had purchased. We couldn’t find anything. A few hours later when he arrived at the farm, we didn’t recognize him and had to ask, “where did you buy this boar?” With a straight face, he said he had purchased it at “the stock yards”! Sorry, as I said above, “all we ask is that you be fair”.

We try to price our birds fairly and honestly represent them. We believe we are one of the very best values in the sport. If you have done your job and you are not happy with the birds or the results, then we really do want to replace them. And we want to continue doing business with you in the future.

Enough said.

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