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Site last updated on 07/10/2022

The most important thing is to let us know what you need! Email is usually the best initial method of contact, but you are welcome to call us any time. Suggestions for the best ways to reach us are found under Contact Us.

We often list birds for sale on our web site. However, birds are available from any of our breeders, so if you do not see listed what you are looking for, call us! Birds from some of the pairs are sold out via advance orders and never get to the point where they are listed on the web site. Call us and we will be happy to reserve one for you. Remember, we do not sell every bird we raise. Even birds which are pre sold via an advance order must pass our examination before they will be sold. Getting on the waiting list will get you in line for the next good bird from that pair.

Advance Orders are filled in the sequence in which the deposits were made. Complete details are found under Terms and Conditions. You will receive a receipt for your deposit by return mail that summarizes what you are purchasing as well as the terms and conditions. You are certainly welcome to reserve a bird without a deposit. We will get in touch with you as soon as one becomes available. Advance Orders without deposits though are filled after those with deposits.

Deposits/purchases may be paid by mail (check or money order) or electronically through In the event the birds you are purchasing have already been sold, we will of course return any money you send and refuse receipt of any paypal transactions.

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