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Site last updated on 07/10/2022

  1. The Flying Vet’s Pigeon Health Management, by Dr. Colin Walker. Most fanciers have probably heard about this book by now, but if you don’t have a copy, you are missing something very special. If you have it, but haven’t read it, go get it and put it on the night stand. Every flyer should read this one from cover to cover at least once. Super, super, super!!!
  2. Born to Win, by Dr. Wim Peters. Dr. Peters is my favorite pigeon writer. Always thoughtful and provocative, his articles and books can help you to understand what you need to do to be successful in this sport. Too many times, we tend to mimick what we see others doing, without really understanding the underlying principles. I understand there is a new edition out for this book, but I haven’t seen it yet.
  3. Barker’s Pigeon Racing, by W.E. Barker. This is an old book (my copy is the 3rd Edition). Small and inexpensive, it is loaded with good common sense advice that pretty much runs the full spectrum of topics. Highly recommended for beginners.
  4. Feral Pigeons, by Richard F. Johnson & Marian Janiga. (ISBN 0-19-508409-8) I found this in a university book store. A wonderful scientific presentation of what pigeons do in the wild. I found it to be very helpful in understanding the natural instincts of my birds.
  5. Janssen Brothers Arendonk, by Ad Schaerlaeckens. A classic that captures a very key period in the history of our sport.
  6. Birds Fighting - Experimental Studies of the Aggressive Displays of Some Birds, by Stuart Smith & Eric Hosking. You can get a lot out of sitting in your loft and just watching your birds. In fact, I think this is one of the great tricks of most masters. Books like this one though, help me to understand what I see in the loft and open up my mind to ideas for new ways of motivating the race team. At a more fundamental level, the writings of Konrad Lorenz are very insightful into the whole field of animal behavior.
  7. Pigeons and Their Economical Health Care, by Dr. Zsolt Talaber. A well written, fresh perspective on pigeon health by the well regarded Hungarian veterinarian.
  8. A whole series of books that detail the champions of the sport. I can’t get enough of these, but most people would probably be fine with just one. Take your pick. Some of the better ones include:
    • Masters of Breeding & Racing, by Victor Vansalen,
    • The Elite of the New Belgium Champions, by Ernst Nobel,
    • Champions Reveal Their Untold Secrets!, by Victor Vansalen and
    • Champions of the World, Secrets of the Masters (Vol 4), by Ernst Nobel.
  9. Rotondo on Racing Pigeons, by Joseph Rotondo. (ISBN 0-9692640-3-8) One of the first thorough presentations on the racing of pigeons by an accomplished American master.
  10. The Pigeon, by Wendal Levi. (ISBN 0-910876-01-0) No pigeon fancier should be without this veritable encyclopedia by one of America’s most celebrated pigeon authorities.
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