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Site last updated on 10/19/17

We don't have the time, feed, or pen space for birds that are not exciting prospects. However, the fact remains that until a bird establishes a record, all the hope and hype in the world can't make the bird any better than the genes it was born with. It is for this reason that we establish each year a base price for breeding stock and, for the most part, only sell animals above this base price who have an established record as flyers and/or as breeders. The one exception is that sometimes we buy key breeders who are very expensive or very old. Youngsters from these purchased breeders are sometimes priced for more than our base price, if we sell them at all. Typically, over 90% of our pairs will be priced at the base price for untested youngsters.

We make a big point of this price policy for two reasons. First, you have our promise that there is a justified reason for the higher priced birds. Second, you need to realize that just because the offspring of a given pair are priced at the base price, doesn't necessarily mean they aren't as valuable as the higher priced birds. In many cases, today's base priced birds will be the top priced birds of tomorrow. The base priced birds represent a real opportunity for astute buyers and beginners to get outstanding stock at a reasonable price.

We cull from the bottom and sell from the top. In fact, the majority of the birds we raise are never offered for sale.

2015 Pricing
(all prices are plus shipping  - $60 for first bird and $10 for each additional bird for sales within the Continental US and Alaska)

Untested birds: $225 from most pairs. Untested birds from over 90% of our breeders are priced at $225. Those from the remaining breeders are individually priced. This is the minimum price we need to charge based upon the very significant investment we have made in our breeding stock. We have gone to great lengths and expense over the past twenty years to acquire one of the strongest gene pools that we believe can be found anywhere. These birds are carefully selected and grown out to at least four months of age.

Tested Birds (Graduates of our Testing Program): $400 and up. Tested birds are sold on the basis of their test results (or the test results of their children) according to the following general guidelines. This is where the smart money shops. Birds in this section have graduated from our very demanding test program. Why do we say “this is where the the smart money shops”? Read our article “Bred for Stock:


Squeekers and Birds In Test: $100 and up. We are trying something new for 2014 and may or may not continue it in 2015. Give it a look here.

We are happy to work with our local youth flyers. Any legitimate youth flyer can purchase young birds for $20 each. We can work out a “sweat equity” program for the youth flyers for whom the $20 price is a barrier. We don’t really need their labor, but it has been our experience that outright gifts of birds to youth flyers is less effective in building good new flyers than giving them an attainable opportunity to earn their birds. They must be a member of an organization (4-H, Boy Scouts, AU, IF, etc) and be actively involved in the care and racing of their birds (this isn’t a program for Dad or Mom to get new breeders). The birds must be picked up at the farm as we do not ship squeekers.

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