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Site last updated on 01/16/2020

I was reading a gardening book the other day when I came across a sentence that I couldn't stop thinking about for days -

    “Most gardeners are stuck in traditional horticultural land, a place where a blend of old wives' tales, anecdotal science, and slick commercial pitches designed to sell products dictates our seasonal activities.”
              - Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis in their book Teaming With Microbes

Like many profound statements, it seemed so obvious once someone else pointed it out. But how many years had I been blindly following a gardening protocol that was exactly that - dictated by a bunch of nonsense? As I continued to think about it, I shifted to thinking about pigeons and genetics and began to wonder how many animal breeders and pigeon fanciers have fashioned together one or more methods or protocols which are similarly based on old wives tales, fake science and snake oil?

There is a lot I don't know. I am sure too that a lot of what I think I know is wrong. But, I do believe there is value in sharing what I (think I) know - it is a good starting point for others to take, integrate into their practices and move forward.

So here begins “The Book Project”

The Genetics of Racing
Twenty Essential Concepts
for Breeding Champions

Intended Audience - The book is intended for anyone who has an interest in the racing of any animal species (pigeons, horses and dogs), though the concepts it discusses will be applicable to any plant or animal breeder. While it will be based on the science of genetics, it will be written with the barn and backyard breeder in mind, who may not have a scientific background.

Time Line - The project is currently scheduled to be completed by September 2019

Funding - While I would love to be able to offer this free to the racing pigeon sport and anyone else interested in genetics, I just don't have the resources to cover this myself. I anticipate the price of the finished product will be $75 (US). Thank you for your support!

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