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Site last updated on 01/16/2020

We can be a little hard to connect with some times. Chic is still heavily involved with his restaurants and by the time he finishes with the birds the day is usually long over. He is learning how to use the computer and answer email, but this is something Judy used to handle and frankly typing just isn’t Chic’s strong suit.

The best way to buy birds is to select them off our “For Sale” page on this site or to attend one of our auctions. Loft visits are possible, but strictly by appointment only.

So the best way to contact Chic is to call him on his cell phone and then follow up with an email. He can be reached at 559-259-5461. The email address is Correspondence can be sent to 6852 S Walnut Ave, Fresno, Ca 93706.

You can also contact Dave Shewmaker. He manages our genetics, pedigrees and computers and is very familiar with our birds. He can be reached at or on his cell phone at 916-662-5339.

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