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Site last updated on 01/16/2020

We have four basic families at Hapyco Lofts.

Birds of the Bandit Family that originated from the Belgium Lofts of Julien and Roland Janssens.

We have three families of Janssens -

  • the incomparable DeKlak Jannsens that are down from the five super pairs we purchased at DeKlak’s estate sale.
  • Dream Boy Janssens that are bred from the 1st National Ace Pigeon Holland '99 and 1st World Champion '99.
  • Lumachi Janssens that are down from such greats as “The Perfect Pair”, “King O”, “Perfection Hen”  and “1-2-3-4-5”.

We have a tremendous set of Van Loons that are down from such greats as “De Senna”, “De Marco”, “Mr. Frank” and perhaps the best of them all “Super Frankie”.

Our final family is best called Hapyco and is a blend of the very top performing birds we have flown the past sixty plus years. They include birds of some of the above families along with birds from the tremendous Reichards distance family, the “Dev Ray” cock (one of the greatest breeders we have ever owned) and the Grondelaers down from the incomparable “Queen of Vegas”. .

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