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Growing in 2015

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Site last updated on 10/19/17

As it stands now (early Spring), here are the seeds we plan on growing in 2015.

2323.7-Meier-14 (2009-Wallace-12 x 2328-Meier-13) - The World Record. One of the keys to line improvement is to be very selective in breeding the next generation (click here to read about this in more detail). We won't get a hint until next year of the breeding value of the 2323.7, but going into its first year of breeding, it sure looks promising. There is no doubt the 2009 has emerged from its first two years in breeding as a super star. The massive 2328-Meier-13 (2009-Wallace-12 x self) produced very very few seeds (just a couple). The 2323.7-Meier-14 (along with the 2096-Meier-14) are clearly the top choices for someone wanting to grow an inbred  2009. We will self this seed.

1789-Wallace-11 aka “The Freak” (1725-Harp-09 x 1810.5-Stevens-10) - I was going to grow the 2096-Meier-13 in this spot, but I just can’t get past how well the 1744.5-Fulk-13 seeds grew last year. Based on those results, we are going to grow the 1789 and pollinate it with the 2323.7.

1409.5-Miller-10 (1622-Young-09 x 1658-Young-09). The plant from this great seed will be selfed (to preserve the genetics of the 1409) and will be used as the pollinator for the 1647.

1647-Wallace-11 (1725-Harp-09  x self). Surprisingly of all the pumpkins grown to date there was only one with the pedigree of the 2009-Wallace-12 (based on the records available anyway for the GPC). I have not been able to get a hold of a 1725-Harp-09 and so pollinating the 1647 with the 1409.5 will be my best attempt at preserving the gene pool of what produced the 2009.

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