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Sprint (Roland Janssens)

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Site last updated on 07/10/2022

In the late eighties, Hapyco Lofts of California (Chic Brooks and Brad Laverne) went to Europe in search of a top family of sprint birds. With the assistance of Piet and Henk de Weerd, they focused only on lofts that were considered the very best sprint lofts in Europe. Their top choice was the loft of Julien Janssens. In 1987 they imported the “White Bandit” (from the Old Bird Team), “Tonto” (from the Young Bird Team) and ten hens, including “Juliena” (the dam of “White Bandit”). In 1989 Julien Janssens passed away and his son Roland carried on with the pigeons. At that time, Hapyco Lofts were able to import 5 additional cocks from Julien’s Old Bird Team along with three flown hens. These two importations of 7 cocks and 13 hens were called by Piet de Weerd, the finest group of sprint birds he had ever seen leave the country. Since then, Hapyco Lofts have imported over 100 additional birds from Roland Janssens.

Hapyco Lofts have been extremely successful with these birds. Straight or crossed, they have won countless races and awards for themselves and their many clients over the past 17 years.

Given this history, the sprint family of Julien and Roland Janssens (via Hapyco Lofts) was an obvious choice for our primary sprint family. Since our interest in the family is as sprinters, we have stayed as much as possible with uncrossed birds. We maintain two subfamilies. The first (JRJ) are 100% descended  from the J&R Janssens imports. The second subfamily is the percentage Janssens (JJP). For the most part these trace 90% or more to the imports, but have a small percentage of other birds in their background. Many of these trace back to the magic mating of “White Bandit” to 2821-AU-82-MTZ, which produced over 12 first place winners and many thousands of dollars in futurity winnings.

We test them hard and are looking for birds that dominate up to 150 miles. As crosses they can go just about any distance depending upon what they have been crossed with.

These are some of the key birds of the family:

White Bandit
4130170-BELG-83 - WG Cock
17 X 1st

4025517-BELG-90 - WG Cock
10 X 1st

Wizzard of Win
4257033-BELG-84 - DCWF Cock
10 X 1st

Super 268
4050268-BELG-82 - BBSP Cock
The Key Bird!! Sire of 4 different Gold/Silver Ring Winners.

4026768-BELG-81 - BBSP Hen
9 X 1st. Sister of “Super 268”. Dam of “White Bandit”

04360350-BELG-95 - WG Cock
5 X 1st

White Favory
4130177-BELG-83 - WG Cock
20 X 1st

4040022-BELG-89 - BBWF Cock
9 X 1st

[Our Lines] [Sprint (Roland Janssens)]

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