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There are many ways to breed and race pigeons. There are also many

The methods that we use in our loft are the result of over 50 years of animal breeding. We believe in these methods and have had outstanding success using them with a number of different species. While they certainly don't represent the only way (or maybe not even the best way), it is the way we run our program.

We feel we have an obligation to share our methods for two reasons

  1. Share
  2. So you know what you are dealing with and like works best with like .... 

A Different Kind of Program

Our LinesOur Lines

We have three Primary Lines. One for sprints (races under three hours), one for long distance (races over ten hours) and one for the middle distances (typically five to eight hours which are usually the 250 to 400 mile races).

These primary lines descend from a number of Foundation Lines that were used to found our loft. Some of these we still maintain and will continue to do so as long as they are contributing to the development of our Primary Lines.

We also maintain a number of Heirloom Lines - families that we have found to possess unique and valuable genetics that we feel need to be preserved. Some of them are behind our primary lines while others are maintained to keep available a strong and diverse gene pool for use in the future evolution of our lines.

No breeding program can stand still and expect to remain competitive in this sport. We are continuously evaluating new lines. These are our Trial Lines.

Breeding Program

We have had outstanding success in a number of different species using our breeding methods. While they certainly don’t represent the only way it can be done, this section will describe in detail the breeding of racing pigeons as it is practiced in our loft:

Testing Program

The testing program at Shewmaker Genetics is the cornerstone of our entire breeding program. We describe in this section all of the details of our testing program.


No loft can successfully compete in this sport if it doesn’t have perfect health. Further, the substantial investment we have made in our breeding program absolutely requires that we protect it with the very best health program possible. We employ strict bio-security measures and believe we have a very sound health program. This section describes what we do and may serve as a model for what you may want to do in your loft.


Buying pigeons should be straight forward. Here are some details you might find helpful.

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